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Our NDIS Participants are Fantastic Volunteers!

We support our ISA Participants to Volunteer in their Communities!

While volunteering is unpaid work, it can be a great first step to getting paid work or helping others in your community. Being a volunteer has lots of benefits. It can help you gain work experience in the field you are interested in and can increase your work skills and general wellbeing.

Volunteering can build important personal and work relationships as well as having a positive impact on your community. Pictured below is one of participants, Matthew, with his ISA Support Worker Rannon. They recently had an amazing time volunteering in their local community as a part of our employment support program.

Our holistic program is tailored to suit the needs of the individual and we have had fantastic outcomes in supporting young people with a disability achieve their goals, gain independence, and obtain employment.

Our ISA Support mentors work one-on-one with participants to help them get job ready from the ground up. This means improving their daily living habits and undertaking activities that help them with the basics, like keeping a schedule, managing their money, and discovering their passions so that they can explore employment opportunities and industries that match their interests.

If you or those under your care need assistance getting job-ready, talk to the friendly and professional ISA team today!

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