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What is NDIS Respite and Short-Term Accommodation (STA)?

At ISA we want our participants to live their best lives! We offer a range of accommodation options available to eligible NDIS participants and their families. The ongoing challenges of living with a disability can often impact not only the person with the disability, but their family and/or guardians as well. To keep life comfortable and ease the stress of the everyday routine for everyone involved, it's important to take the occasional time to unwind, relax and refresh - that's what respite is all about!

At Inclusive Solutions Australia, we provide a variety of short and medium-term accommodation options to suit the needs of NDIS participants and their families. These needs vary greatly on an individual level, which is why we work closely with participants and their support network to ensure the respite experience is valuable to them.

It all about the opportunity to gain skills and experience to connect with the community and gain independence. A short period away serves as an excellent circuit-breaker that gives a refreshed sense of purpose, relieves stress, and helps maintain a healthy and sustainable long-term model of support.

ISA Offers Various NDIS Accommodation Options!

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Does the NDIS cover Short Term Accommodation?

The NDIA recognises the positive impacts of carers and families maintaining their participants health, well-being and resilience to appropriately meet the needs of people with a disability. There are three types of respite-like supports available for funding as part of plans:


Level 1: 7 to 14 days per year to allow the carer to attend key activities


Level 2: 14 to 28 days per year and includes a strategy to build capabilities for future independence.


Level 3: Equivalent of 28 days per year, when the carer provides support most days and informal support is at risk of not continuing due to the intensity of the support required or severe behavioural issues.


If you are eligible for respite funding, it will include funding for accommodation in a group residence for a short period of time – typically up to 14 days at a time. It will also include support for self-care, food, and activities.

Did you know respite support is currently available to any NDIS participant with CORE supports on their plan? Talk to your Plan Manager  to determine if you're eligible!

Under the NDIS this kind of support is listed as:
Support Category: Assistance with Daily Life:-
Assistance with Daily Life Tasks in A Group or Shared Living Arrangement

Items include:

  • Assistance in A Shared Living Arrangement

  • STA And Assistance (Inc. Respite)

  • Support Item: Assistance With Self-Care Activities in an STA

  • Assistance In Individual Living Arrangement For Person With Complex Needs

  • Provider travel – non-labour costs

Holiday Accomodation

Need a break?

Perfect for participants who are seeking a vacation experience. No matter where you choose to stay, the ISA  Team ensures your respite to be jam-packed full of fun activities, relaxations and skill/relationship building all in a safe, inclusive and supported environment.


Participants can choose from our breathtaking locations and from a list of activities and experiences, and then nominate their preferred support worker to ensure an unforgettable experience! 

  • 24/7 support throughout the day and night

  • Fully furnished accommodation

  • A range of different experiences to choose from tailored to suit your needs

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning and afternoon tea

  • Community Access Activities!

To ensure a smooth transition towards your independence, your close family members can also attend and enjoy STA with you. This can strengthen a family's ability to care for a family member with a disability. Our respite program provides quality, short term accommodation in a comfortable and relaxed environment where your loved one will be well looked after!

You can view the various locations on offer throughout South East Queensland below.

Pocket Retreat


Located in Queensland's Pine Mountain, this beautiful property has free access to the farm where you can kayak, hike, bird watch, fish and much much more. Perfect for candidates looking for a natural escape, with plenty of fun to be in and around the place!

ISA Mount Tamborine Retreat STA


Situated on nearly three acres in one of the Mountain's most desirable locations, Olde Eagle Heights, this property will suit those looking to enjoy the tranquillity, privacy and relaxed lifestyle that Tamborine Mountain has to offer.

Gold Coast Respite


This contemporary family home in Hope Island Resort on the Northern Gold Coast offers a tranquil retreat the whole family can enjoy. Perfectly designed with versatile family living ideal for those that love to entertain.

41_Laughlin_Kingston_Kitchen9 (1).jpg


With spacious living arrangements and huge, fully-fenced courtyards, our Kingston properties are perfect for entertaining or gardening.

Transitional Accomodation

Transitional Respite

Convenient for families that need a break, residential respite care is offered in the home. Our Support Mentors can come to the family home to provide any support that is needed for as long as required, be it a few hours several times a week, overnight, or for longer breaks. Supports include but are not limited to meal preparation, assistance with everyday activities, and social or community activities - whatever meets the needs of the participant for the desired period of time!

All ISA support workers are fully qualified and experienced in providing respite at home, and we ensure the best person is matched to each individual participant. This means for you that in respite situations, your support worker is always able to seamlessly integrate into the home situation, offering support that is relevant to the individual client, safe and completely accountable via our own procedures and the nationally recognised NDIS reporting system. You can take a break with complete peace of mind knowing that absolute best practice is being applied.

Kingston STA Grid 2.png
High Risk & Emergency Housing

High-Risk & Emergency Housing

Our support services are designed to be flexible, as we know life doesn't always go as planned. We have supports workers on call for emergency respite for participants and families, while carers can use the emergency respite care service when they are ill and unable to support a participant.

As with other respite services, the duration of supports depends on the needs of the individual participant and their family and carers. We understand that every case is different and are here to provide the support you need, when you need it, without delay.

Medium-Term Accommodation

What about Medium Term Accommodation (MTA)?

Medium Term Accommodation is classified as a Core Support in your NDIS plan. It is described as a time limited, transitional disability accommodation support designed to meet a participant’s disability related housing needs whilst awaiting disability related supports which will enable them to move into their long term housing solution.

There are some key differences between STA and MTA. Medium Term Accommodation includes the accommodation component only and is provided concurrently with the participant’s informal supports and NDIS funded supports, such as assistive technology, assistance with daily life, and community access supports. It is also only funded where there is confirmation of a long term housing solution. For example, where a Supported Independent Living (SIL) tenancy has been offered but the property is not yet available or where a participant is awaiting completion of home modifications to their privately owned home or rental property.

Medium Term Accommodation does NOT include everyday living costs, meaning participants remain responsible for meeting their day-to-day living costs including groceries, utilities, telephone or internet costs.

Inclusive Solutions Australia can provide Medium Term Accommodation for eligible NDIS participants that meet the above criteria. Contact us today to for more information on MTA solutions with ISA.

Are you ready for NDIS Respite with a difference?
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