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Let us help you live your best life!

Inclusive Solutions Australia (ISA) will help you find safe and comfortable accommodation!

Are you an eligible NDIS participant? Move into one of our homes with experienced Support Workers to motivate you to reach your goals towards independence. We make it our mission to ensure you have a quality day to day living experience!

ISA provides up to 24 hour care that is delivered in a supportive environment where you can live independently in your own home or a shared home setting.

Our experienced team will work with you to understand your needs and ensure you have abundant opportunity to lead a life you design. We want to make sure you are well suited to your house mates and that your personality and level of care required are compatible, so you can live a happy and harmonious life.


Our staff are highly trained and qualified support workers!

We are passionate about people with a disability and wishing to ensure their day to day life is a positive and fulfilling experience.


Our team goes above and beyond to ensure you are making the most out of life, learning new skills and achieving your goals towards independence one step at a time.

We tailor a support program that will help you develop skills surrounding household tasks, shopping, cooking, financial management, community participation, and daily home activities that compliment your hobbies and interests.

You will be supported to be actively involved in the running of your home and making decisions with your housemates.

Our Support Includes:

Life Skills



 Grocery Shopping



Daily Activities

 Hobbies and Interests

Finance Management

Community Participation

Supported Community Access

Community Events & Activities

Social Get-Togethers & Shopping

Medical & Other Appointments

Movies, Bowling, Beach Trips

 Sporting & Gym Activities

Personal Development

Social Etiquette

Health & Wellbeing

Personal Hygiene & Grooming

Work Preparation


Home Activities!

ISA Home Activities.png

Fun Night In!

ISA Fun Night In.png


ISA Housing Front.jpg

We have Vacancies!

We have residential houses in various locations in SEQ.  If we don’t have a current vacancy which is suitable, we can work with you to find you a suitable place to live.

Our team are currently working on getting people out of hospitals and facilities back into the community. So if you don’t know how to move into SIL Accommodation and need assistance please contact us so we can guide you through the process.

Our housing offers sustainable, affordable options that are maintained to a high standard, ensuring the continued support of our current tenant and any future tenants. Tenants have access to our dedicated Property team that are available to assist with all your housing solutions


Woman in Wheelchair Drinking Coffee

How do I get SIL included in my plan?

Here's what you need to do if SIL support sounds like the kind of help you need:


Have an OT complete an assessment to confirm the level of support you require and whether you’re eligible for SIL funding.


​ISA will create a quote based on your support needs.


Your Support Coordinator will submit a change in circumstances form to the NDIS, letting them know you’d like to move into SIL accommodation.


The NDIS will review all the supporting evidence and the SIL providers quote to assess whether it’s reasonable and necessary. They’ll work directly with the SIL provider on this step.


Once approved, you can begin your journey in SIL accommodation.

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