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One of the most essential parts of your preparation is to identify your goals in the "My Goals" section of your NDIS plan. You will need to discuss these with your Local Area Coordinator during your planning meeting and refer to them in any review sessions. In order to use NDIS funding to access support, it must always relate to the achievement of one of your NDIS goals.

You should aim to include at least one NDIS goal in each of the following categories:

  • Your social relationships. For example, you may wish to make new friends or join a community group, club or event.

  • Your living situation. For example, you may wish to live more independently or together with another person.

  • Your health and wellbeing. For example, you may wish to manage your diet or engage in more physical activity.

  • Your employment. For example, you may wish to gain a new skill or apply for a new job.


Short-term goals are generally achievable within 12 months. Since NDIS plans only cover a year at a time, those with longer term goals that may exceed 12 months might be better off breaking those goals down into ones that can be achieved in a shorter period of time and then discuss their relevance as part of a longer-term goal with the coordinator.

Planning Meeting
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