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Working with the ISA Empowerment Team

At ISA we work with our clients to design a tailored plan that promotes experiences, opportunity, relationship building and most of all fun! We help you develop your social skills by trying new experiences and help you work towards independence.

Everyone can struggle to decide on what it is they like to do and come up with ideas that align with their passions. Sometimes people just haven’t had the experiences that may lead to finding out their true potential.  
This is where ISA comes in! We are dedicated to making sure you LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE! Our Empowerment Team and disability support helps you to develop skills and achieve great things for your community!


ISA have solid partnerships with many exciting companies that offer a range of quality and eye-opening experiences. Through our extensive connections, we help clients to take more control over their plan by helping them identify and fund the group or centre-based activities that will engage them in their community. We then work with participants to understand everything that’s in their plan and connect them to the community resources that will give them the most value. 

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