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NDIS Employment Support with ISA

The NDIS recently introduced new pricing for supports in employment that gives participants greater choice and control about where and how they work, who provides their supports, and creates new opportunities for providers. With the inception of these changes, ISA has been able to successfully support our NDIS participants in both finding and keeping a job. Our participants can use these supports in any workplace they choose, including government and non-government organisations, an ADE, social enterprises, micro-businesses, or in self-employment.

What Supports can ISA provide?

  • Supports you need for your daily life whether you’re working, looking for work or not looking for work

  • Personal care and support in the workplace, such as help to go to the toilet, eat and drink while you’re at work

  • Transport support to and from work, if you can’t use public transport without great difficulty due to your disability

  • Supports you need on a regular and ongoing basis to help you find and keep a job – we may fund these supports if you’re able to work, but are unlikely to find or keep a job, even with an employment service

  • Support to transition to work, when you need extra support because of your disability, compared to other Australians – this includes training about workplace relationships, communication skills, wearing the right clothes, getting to work on time, and travelling to and from work

Remember, if the NDIA is responsible for funding the support, it must also meet all other NDIS funding criteria before we can support you through your plan.

Why choose ISA for employment support?

We offer extensive employment support for NDIS participants, which encompasses SLES (School Leaver Employment Supports) and Finding & Keeping a Job. Our holistic program is tailored to suit the needs of the individual and we have had fantastic outcomes in supporting young people with a disability achieve their goals, gain independence, and obtain employment.

Our ISA Support mentors work one-on-one with participants to help them get job ready from the ground up. This means improving their daily living habits and undertaking activities that help them with the basics, like keeping a schedule, managing their money, and discovering their passions so that they can explore employment opportunities and industries that match their interests. On the job support is also provided to help our participants learn to maintain and sustain their employment, while making sure both themselves and their employer understands their disability and how to implement coping and managing strategies.

Importantly, we offer flexible options designed to suit the personal needs and disability requirements of each individual NDIS participant we take onboard. If you need assistance in finding the supports that best match your needs or the needs of those under your care, talk to the friendly and professional ISA team today!

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