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1. Preparation

Before you attend your first planning meeting, it will help to know a little bit about how the fund works in advance. First, check if you are eligible for disability support by consulting the NDIS eligibility checklist.

Read through NDIS Goal Planning and think about what goals you will want to detail during your first meeting. Reading through our Support Categories and Therapy Funding articles may help you consider the different ways the NDIS may be able to help you achieve these goals. 


Once you have become familiar with these basics, decide on a date to meet with your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) for the NDIS.

2. Attend an NDIS Planning Meeting

During your NDIS planning meeting, you will have the chance to describe to your Local Area Coordinator your needs and goals for the year. Your LAC will use this information to build your NDIS plan with you.


If you wish to seek help from a Plan Manager to manage your NDIS funds or from a Support Coordinator to connect you with support service providers, now is the time to ask about those too. Make sure to be broad about your needs and goals and ask questions if you are ever unsure.


Once your plan has been drafted, review it carefully and become familiar with it. Make sure to contact your LAC if you are unhappy with any parts of your plan. You are able to request a plan review with the NDIS.

3. Organise Your NDIS Support Providers and Funding

You will want to carefully consider, contact and arrange the right support providers to suit your needs. These providers must support you in ways related to your goals as set out in your planning meeting. If you opted for a Support Coordinator during your NDIS planning meeting, you should select one and contact them at this stage so they can help with this process. If you are unsure ISA can assist you with an experienced and independent Support Coordinator.


To ensure your support service providers are being paid properly, you will need to track and ensure the progress of your funding. If you opted to have a Plan Manager support you during your NDIS planning meeting, you should select one and contact them at this stage so they can help with this process. It is generally a good idea to set up a service agreement, a legal contract detailing how and when support is provided. ISA can assist you with finding an experienced and independent Plan Manager.

4. Keep Records as You Go

Hopefully by this stage you will be receiving support from your providers to enable you to move towards your goals, but you still need to keep records of any time support is received, and the expenses they incur against your budget.

5. Review Your Plan

After each year, you will be able to review your plan with your Local Area Coordinator to report on how the year went and make any adjustments to your plan as you feel necessary. To make the most of this meeting, make sure to think carefully beforehand and go in prepared with a list of revisions you would like to make.


If you want to opt in for a Plan Manager or Support Coordinator, be prepared with reasons why you believe you need these services. If you need any help justifying such reasoning or any general help preparing for your review meetings, ISA can offer assistance.

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