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In today's housing climate, finding a place to call home is no easy task, and for people living with a disability it can be all the more difficult. That's why at ISA we offer a range of accommodation options  catered to NDIS participants from all walks of life.

Spacious, modern and fully-furnished, our fantastic homes come with the comprehensive 24/7 support of the ISA team, giving our tenants the chance to develop daily living skills, build new relationships and gain independence.

Our inclusive model caters to everyone, with the option of 1:1 and 2:1 living arrangements, so you can enjoy your preferred supported lifestyle as suited to your personal needs. With Inclusive Solutions Australia, it's all about living your best life!

We also provide a variety of short and medium-term accommodation options to suit the needs of NDIS participants and their families. These needs vary greatly on an individual level, which is why we work closely with participants and their support network to ensure the respite experience is valuable to them.


Inclusive Solutions Australia (ISA) offers the leading employment transition program in South-East QLD. We work with NDIS participants to create job plans based on their goals, skills and aspirations.

It can be a daunting process for a person with barriers to communicate their workplace needs. Our Work Preparation Workshops are designed to make participants ready to enter the workforce, giving them the skills to communicate professionally and develop resumes, and confidently attend interviews.


More than just resume writing or dressing to impress, our fantastic support mentors work one-on-one with participants to help them get job ready from the ground up.


Our School Leaver Employment Support (SLES) programs are designed to help NDIS participants define their professional goals and ambitions as they look to enter the workforce.

ISA also provides on the job support to help our participants learn to maintain and sustain their employment, while making sure both themselves and their employer understands their disability and how to implement coping and managing strategies.


The Inclusive Solutions Australia (ISA) team is here to support NDIS participants in and around their homes, helping people with disabilities to gain the skills to live a confident, motivated and independent life. Our passion is not just to support you, but to see you achieve great outcomes!

Our support services include tailored in-home supports, development of daily living skills, and of course getting out and about amongst the community. 
Everyone can struggle to decide on what it is they like to do and come up with ideas that align with their passions. Sometimes people just haven’t had the experiences that may lead to finding out their true potential. This is where ISA comes in!

The ISA Empowerment Team and disability support network helps participants to develop skills that align with their passions. We have solid partnerships with many exciting companies that offer a range of quality and eye-opening experiences matched to their interests.

Through our extensive connections, our clients take more control over their NDIS plan by identifying the group or local centre-based activities that will engage them in their community.


ISA Team

Our experienced leadership team have more than 40 experience in supporting people with a disability in accommodation, support services, employment, education and training. Inclusive Solutions Australia (ISA) are dedicated to ensure that the utmost care and quality services are provided to the individual and that they are continuously working towards their goals and learning real life skills. We have gone above and beyond to build a service with highly experienced, compassionate and motivating staff in-line with NDIS guidelines and our participants' special needs.


For all media and marketing enquiries, please contact:

Inclusive Solutions Australia

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