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SLES and
Finding & Keeping a Job

What is SLES?

SLES is an NDIS-funded individualised service for eligible students in their final year of school or directly after leaving school for up to two years. ISA supports school leavers to prepare, look for and gain employment. They provide meaningful, individualised capacity building activities so school leavers can achieve their employment goals.

What support can ISA provide?

We are experts in developing skills and tailoring the support for our young people. Our amazing program prepares them to become job ready, working with them to develop their motivation and confidence to work either supported or independently.


We know the challenges facing parents and their school leaver have post high school. Our program works with the school leavers network and is able to offer choice and opportunity to a young person so that they are able to gain industry experience in job area's they love!

Interactive workshops are on offer every week with industry visits every month, and our amazing work experience program offering on the job support!

Work Preparation Program

The ISA Work Preparation Program offers weekly workshops in your area and industry visits on each subject!


These include covering a variety of workplace relevant topics and processes, such as:

  • Resume Writing and Updating – adding profiles to Seek, applying for jobs online, and talking about your resume.

  • Interview Techniques – learning how to interview, answering interview questions, confidence building, and role-playing.

  • Money Handling Skills – understanding documents, bank account & Tax File Numbers, EFTPOS, and the use of cash registers.

  • How to Keep that Job!

  • Challenges on the Job

  • Coping with your Disability on the Job

  • Your Employer and Fellow Staff 

  • Motivation and Commitment to Work

  • Communication Skills in the Workplace

  • Time Management

  • Travel Training

Work Experience Program

ISA offer regular activity and structure and move onto highly individualised support once all parties are confident to begin looking at work experience and employment. We will work with you and develop an activities schedule, reflected in a service agreement, which helps you reach your employment goals.

Our Work Experience, Employment or Traineeships Support includes:


  • Finding placement for work experience with over 4000 Host Employers in our QLD database.

  • Industry and job matching across all industries.

  • On the job support – we will support you until you become independent at work.

  • Industry visits to gain real world understanding.

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